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W4U News

Is your boss on social media?

Digital communication and marketing expert, Kwabena Appianing has asked CEOs of brands that want to stay top of the mind of their consumers and clients to step up their efforts on social media.

He said it was an incontrovertible fact that emergence of social media has given brands a cost-effective way of communicating with their various targets and CEOs of organizations are not left out of the social media communication process, as many consumers or clients associate their faces to their service/products.

“I have had a call from my boss the CEO, asking me for content strategies for his personal blog,” Mr. Appianing said. The CEO went on to explain that he wanted to be what he called a “Social CEO”.


Net’s .web domain sold for $135m

The auction for ownership of the .web domain has ended with one company paying $135m (£102m) for rights to use the suffix. A company called Nu Dot Co won the auction and can now offer firms the chance to own a domain ending .web.

The figure is three times as much as was paid for the previous record holder, .shop, which went for $41.5m. Losing bidders for the domain included Google and net registry firms Afilias, Radix and Donuts.


Most CMS-run websites have obsolete software and are vulnerable to attack

If you’ve been putting off software updates on websites that you’ve developed, been bamboozled into managing, or somehow become inexplicably responsible for, you’re not alone. All of the major content management systems (CMS) website brands are out of date much of the time.

Magento-built websites are running on aging software 97 percent of the time, according to a security firm that handles clean-ups of attacked website. Magento was the worst of the bunch, but WordPress-, Joomla- and Drupal-driven websites also are not being updated, reveals Sucuri in its first Website Hacked Trend Report (PDF), covering 2016 Q1.